Attracting Wealth 2.0 - Becoming the Expert with Self Hypnosis



(Direct Download: 39 minutes of audio, 1 mp3 audio file zipped)

What if you were the expert?

At the heart of entrepreneurialism is the mindset that for every problem there is a solution waiting. Attracting Wealth 2.0 - Becoming the Expert is about sorting for ways that you can begin to uniquely add value to other people by solving their problems, and beginning to perceive yourself as an evolving expert.

A key perspective is that the major opportunity you have to benefit yourself and those you care about, is to become an expert in the field of your personal interests and latent abilities. Over time, and sooner than you might think, through both hard work and passion you can harness your unique way of serving others.

"The leading ambition connected with your work should be accomplishment -- not gain, but accomplishment," wrote Edmond Bordeaux Szekely in his book Creative Work: Karma Yoga. My opinion is that wealth originates with an inherent, internal drive to create, which when harnessed and brought to the service of humankind results in the experience of wealth in all of its forms. Pursue the accomplishment, champion a cause; and, as you find yourself on the path to personal significance while serving others, financial gain will soon find you. 

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