Creative Space - NLP mp3 and Guided Visualization mp3



(Direct Download: 27 minute mp3 audio program)

Creativity is a mind/body process resulting in the generation of new ideas, concepts, and associations. Or, perceptions between previously unrelated elements and elements sharing similarity.

Divergent thought is both original and appropriate for the challenge, need, or opportunity at hand. The Latin root creatus literally means to have grown. And, during this time, you will have many opportunities to see beyond limitations and capture original thoughts. The purpose for this program is to create a white room, a specific space in your mind, or a place that only you will know about... Here you will be able to store all thoughts, ideas and plans that are relevant to your needs. This space is specifically reserved for your creative process. Here anything is possible... all the rules are for you to decide.

If you choose, you can produce something that is partly new or completely new. Or, even imagine a new possibility that has never been conceived of until now…

Using this self - hypnosis mp3 / guided imagery mp3 that incorporates nlp language patterns and modalities, you will be able to harness your creativity.


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