Cutting Weight with Intermittent Fasting


Cutting Weight with Intermittent Fasting


Strategically spacing out your eating schedule is scientifically proven to reduce insulin levels, increase fat burning potential and increase natural growth hormone production (see Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pillon). It is most effective with a 20-24 hour fast, which means you're still eating every day. When I do it, I skip dinner one day and fast until dinner the next day. It really feels great especially when combined with Bulletproof Coffee! The science all makes sense but this audio program helps you get into a mindset that makes it much easier mentally and emotionally to focus on the reasons why you're doing this to reduce your weight and to harness your subtle body sensations in a powerful manner that keep you on track.


Cutting Weight with Intermittent Fasting is a hypnosis download to help with natural weight reduction. Weight loss is self control and emotional control.


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