Detoxify and Recover from Weight Loss


Detoxify and Recover from Weight Loss


On both a physical and an emotional level, you're going to be stirring things up. I feel that too much emphasis is placed upon the active part of weight loss, when in reality I perceive the biggest changes are experienced from adequate recovery. Don't believe me? Do multiple, hour-long high intensity workouts every day for 1 week while sleeping 4-hours a night and then tally your results. In contrast, sleep for 10-hours a night, do intermittent fasting, stretch or yoga, and a cleanse for a week and tally your results. In the context of weight loss, my money is on the 10-hour a night sleep week and intermittent fasting… Weight loss is about "letting go…"


Detoxify and Recover from Weight Loss is a guided visualization program that facilitates a mental, emotional and physical detoxification while you lose weight.


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