End Your Day Perfectly - Guided Imagery mp3 and Self-Hypnosis mp3



(Direct Download: 20 minute mp3 audio program)

Communication with your unconscious mind is by definition hypnosis. When you use your own internal imagery, create your own imagined scenarios, visualize, and experience emotions as a result of your internal imagery - this is self-hypnosis.

I've personally found that the best way to access my unconscious mind is through the use of guided visualization prior to falling asleep. Imagine this to be like planting seeds in the field of your unconscious. When you pay attention to will permeate throughout your mind and body; resulting in the emotions, mindsets, and the actions that you experience in the future.

By creating a practice of continuously reviewing what you want to experience, and learning to let go of all the stuff from the past that will never result in what you want to experience, you can learn to end your day perfectly.

This NLP mp3 / Self-Hypnosis mp3  will empower you to let go of the past and place your focus upon the important things in the near future that you want to experience.

Be amazing.

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