Expressive Personality 2.0 - Bi-lateral State Movement



(Direct Download: 53 minutes of audio, 1 mp3 audio file zipped) 

There are instinctual emotions and cognitive emotions just as there is instinctual behavior and learned behavior. Sometimes the two get mixed up and often experiencing emotional overload is the result when a person does not have flexibility when it comes to changing emotional states.

Expressive Personality 2.0 - Bi-lateral State Movement will create an environment in which you can rehearse a variety of emotional and mental states by learning to embody a state, emote it, and kinesthetically experience transferring this state from one side of your body to the other; fully activating your left and right brain hemispheres. I'll bet you've never practiced anything like this full-body learning technique!

Keep in mind that you are a dynamic, continuously evolving, constantly changing human - doing a multitude of complex tasks while moving through the process we call the human experience. Expressive Personality 2.0 is a practical step in refining your ability to embody a full spectrum of emotional and mental states. This is functional state management!

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