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Creative visualization is directly related to personal success. 

The words we hear become the fabric of our internal landscapes; weaving together patterns that serve to either limit and disempower us or fill us with personal power, potential, and possibility. What is interesting is that outside of the field of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), the basic principles of how to visualize are simply not being taught. It is assumed that skilled artists, designers, engineers or entrepreneurs are innately gifted; born this way. While this is a positive, confidence-instilling belief for those who effortlessly (and unconsciously) have no problem visualizing life in action - the rest of us seem to fumble about with blurry, obscure, and fading internal images.

I struggled for about five years with what seriously felt like a heavy weight upon my shoulders trying to train myself how to visualize. The ever-changing, elusive mental pictures I attempted to create and hold just seemed to slip away the second I thought I had them firmly fixed. I have no idea what you yourself have experienced in terms of mental blocks to visualizing but for me the end goal I had in mind was developing a visualization process that I could simply use immediately once I had trained myself how to do it without needing to go through a relaxation process to implement this visualization technique.
It took me several years of off-and-on practice to suddenly realize that my internal vision was becoming nearly as vivid as what my eyes were perceiving when open. "What had changed? What was I doing differently?" I had to ask myself and I found that over time as I had been studying hypnosis and NLP, my subconscious mind had been implementing the ways that time, language and metaphor from the outer world is perceived and processed by the subconscious mind.

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Later, when I began my career as a personal development coach, I kept hearing feedback from clients and customers that they don't know how to begin with visualization. For those who actively participated in sports or physical peak performance events (it didn't matter if these were athletes training to compete at Olympic levels or the high school level) they all desired to change the pictures in their mind and begin feeling the emotions associated with what would happen in reality when they experienced a successful outcome.

creative-visualization-for-workArtists and artistic types were more interested in creative visualization techniques that would push their endeavors into new realms of expression and perception. For them, learning to harness imagination, work with the content of dreams, change associations art viewers held with pictures and symbols, and of course truly express sacred geometric ratios in previously unimagined ways was what was most desired by the artists who encountered my work.

Even the occasional writer I spoke with sought ways to overcome that dreaded "writers block" and as they might tell you, there is nothing worse than having a burning desire (feel or need) to create but when pen is put to paper and they are ready for the writing to start the source of inspiration seems to have disappeared.

A brief look at history reveals that the most significant entrepreneurs, inventors or business people knows the power of the sudden dream revelation or how taking the opportunity to look within, even if pretending to go through an imaginary process, suddenly causes a change in perspective as this person unexpectedly comes up with the vision of a creative idea that alters the course of history and the impacts reverberate across the universe.

Across the board, it doesn't matter if you want to transform your lifestyle, illustrate better, write in a way that expresses your true sentiments, dream bigger, move towards becoming a better athlete, or have the goalof creating a business now or someday in the future. I believe the keys to your success in nearly every endeavor happen in your mind first with the quality of your internal imagery and understanding how to visualize. Your ability to look upon these inner reflections of reality doesn't have to be a hard, difficult process unless you don't know where to begin. What is needed to learn how to visualize is similar to building a house: first, you lay a foundation; second, the framework; and from here the rest of it happens according to plan, but without the first two important steps the home envisioned will creative-visualization-for-artistsnever be properly constructed. This is true for art, business, sports, relationships and any other endeavor worth experiencing at its best. Practice and perfect what you desire - your goals - in your mind's eye and do not be surprised as it happens the way you perfected it because you're using these creative methods and techniques.

Along the way, as you're refining your goal of being able to do creative visualisation on demand, don't be surprised to notice that the more vivid your visualization, the more empowering your associated feelings become as they adjust to the internal visual cues and mental image. As your using the How to Visualize series to enhance your creative visualization, I recommend keeping your attitude in check with the following NLP reframe "If someone like Michael Emery can learn how to visualize even if it took him five years or more, then I can learn through his successes and do what he did in weeks instead of years." Pay attention to your self-talk and the messages you've received from it in the past and silence any voices that say you can't learn how to visualize because it simply isn't true now that you have a process to follow and techniques to use to train yourself.

The How to Visualize Series includes the following audio programs:

How to Visualize: Self Awareness and the Fives Senses

Creative visualization techniques designed to awaken and vivify how your mind perceives the information coming in through all of your sensory faculties (49 minute mp3 audio program). Listen to a sample:


How to Visualize: The Visual Submodalities of Perception

Understand creative visualization techniques drawing specifically upon NLP perception models designed to encompass a full spectrum of mental processing and how this visualisation affects physiological and emotional states (45 minute mp3 audio program). Listen to a sample:



How to Visualize - Time and Space Imagery:

Experience how creative perceptions of time and space affect the ways that information is coded into your mind-body while understanding how linguistically this also occurs in real life unconsciously during communication (48 minute mp3 audio program). Listen to a sample:


I'm reminded of something a martial arts instructor of mine once said, and I'm sure he had heard it from someone else. "The day after you have received your black belt is just like the previous day in life. You're still expected to chop wood and carry water. You return to the basics and you do it with a higher degree of awareness..." And, this is exactly how this creative visualisation series will serve you in achieving your goal of in enhancing your natural creative ability - creating a higher sense of internal awareness as you practice and refine your ability to visualize.

Buy the How to Visualize Series from the Attention Shifting Store - Your resource for NLP, self hypnosis, life coaching, and hypnosis downloads. Start your creative endeavor today with a precise strategy to improve your creative visualisation. Have the mental goal that through this visualization series you will train yourself to enhance your internal vision in a way that permeates all of your creative work. It really can happen quickly once you figure out the little tricks and techniques that no one bother to explain.

Now, the choice is yours to decide if you want to enhance your creative ability.

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