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Involution Weight Management - Hypnosis for Weight Loss

If you're looking for a quick fix in which you won't have to proactively participate in emotional / mental / physical activities and take personal responsibility for your results, then please do not buy the Involution Weight Management system. Using the Involution system will empower you to reduce weight at a safe rate that is healthy for long term success. If you aren't willing to face your emotions, your limiting beliefs, your identity, your associations to food and exercise, and you aren't willing to change your behaviors - then this program isn't for you. I cannot do the work for you - no one can - but I can create an internal environment in which you can begin making the emotional and mental changes that will facilitate weight loss and set you up for long-term weight management success.

Skeptical? Perfect… I was too. About 5 years ago, I weighed in at my highest weight ever: 274 pounds. I felt horrible and looked unhealthy. This was affecting me personally and professionally. I tried hypnosis for weight loss programs by other hypnotherapists and those had no lasting results. Most of those other programs tended toward magical thinking that fat would suddenly melt off your body just by going through a hypnotic induction. No one else can make you thin but yourself… and this is a powerful belief to integrate into your identity. I decided I would have to find what works for me through trial and error, and I now weigh in around 220 pounds (I'm 6'2 and built like a mesomorph / endomorph blend) and have stayed around this weight for a couple of years since doing this work. A lot of people I personally know have asked what I did to lose over 50 pounds, and my results came from a study of nutrition and exercise science (these are covered at the website), but the biggest tranceformations came through changing my identity and relationship to food and exercise. I used NLP anchoring techniques to anchor in positive feelings to the foods I decided were healthy for me, and anchored in aversion strategies to the foods I determined to be non-beneficial. Beyond this, I created beliefs around my identity that made it simple to think/say/act in a way that is congruent when I'd see old foods that I used to eat (fast food or processed foods for example) and think/say/act with conviction. "I don't eat that garbage…" It is this clarity and identity transformation that sets a person up for long term success, especially when applied to exercise. Imagine, having a high intensity interval training (HIIT) protocol that is extremely powerful for fat burning, and having this installed as a part of your identity - you don't feel like yourself unless you're getting this exercise completed on a daily or weekly basis.


Involution Weight Management is a complete 22-part hypnosis for weight loss audio series. If you are interested in using hypnosis to lose weight then learn more...

There is no magical thinking in these programs and the approach is based upon the successes I have personally integrated. I sincerely believe that weight loss begins between your ears; working on your fears, addictions, beliefs, and associations to both the positive and negative elements of food and exercise. This is where long term weight loss success is created. The Involution system is comprised of 22 audio programs that are part of a protocol in addition to nutrition and exercise education on the website. Here on Amazon, you can mix and match any of these programs in any order and they are numbered in the order in which the content is covered on the Involution site, however I do recommend beginning with the Introduction program. It is a low risk investment to get a better understanding of the rest of the audio programs. The following is a short description of the focus of each program in this series:

1. Intro to Weight Loss Hypnosis - Overview of the Involution system, time distortion revealing your core reason for losing weight and anchoring this into your future, and installation of a greater sense of self-awareness regarding the various unconscious factors that have been preventing you from weight loss.

2. Guided Imagery for Metabolism Reset - It is scientifically proven that biopsychosocial factors (emotions, events, experiences and perceptions) directly affect metabolic rate, but science has not yet pinpointed a precise, universal way to enhance metabolism naturally across a wide spectrum of people. What various scientists indirectly reference are the factors under the control of your unconscious mind controlling your nervous system (communication) and endocrine system (hormones). With this program you will understand the process of metabolism and what to do with nutrition and visualization to reset and enhance your metabolic rate.

3. Leptin Management Visualization - Leptin is a hormone produced by adipose tissue (fat) and it is responsible for regulating body fat levels by sending signals to the brain to increase or decrease hunger sensations. I treat this as a unique parts conflict, because most people have dissociated from their body fat as something negative while in reality it is responsible for maintaining itself and cannot serve your body if it is being rejected. If you understand how hypnosis works for catalepsy and anesthesia, then the lights are probably turning on as you get the importance of this factor in weight loss…!

4. Ideal Body Image Visualization - Your successful body transformation begins first in your mind and is created by your actions… This program holds a format that can be used to shape your body in your mind's eye and watch it become reality as time passes. This reminds me of a quote I like and use in the context of the power of visualizing specific outcomes: [Cat: Where are you going? Alice: Which way should I go? Cat: That depends on where you are going. Alice: I don’t know. Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” (Alice in Wonderland)]. Set your sights on exactly what you want and allow all of your thinking, emotions and behaviors to push and pull you in this specific direction.

5. NLP Reframing for Healthy Living - We tend to be hedged in by our perceptions of possibility, fear and boredom. I found that health plays into this matrix. If you are overweight, attach getting in shape to a bigger meaning that encompasses other people in your purpose. If you're afraid, get more resources like Involution or my other programs to help you transform. If you're bored, get more challenge in your life and make your purpose bigger. This program helps you attach your reason for healthy living to something much bigger and meaningful than just yourself.

6. Creating Empowering Beliefs for Weight Loss - Your belief system is comprised of mostly unconscious patterned thinking processes affecting Cause ("If I stop eating junk food, I'll lose weight."); Meaning ("Reading this right now is a sign that you're serious about losing weight - and since it's important, this will stay in the forefront of your mind until you take action!"); and, Identity (I've always struggled with my weight…). You will work towards identifying and changing your limiting beliefs with this program.

7. Moving Away from Non-Beneficial Foods - Apply NLP anchoring techniques and submodality shifts to creating aversion strategies to the foods that are unhealthy for you.

8. Moving Toward Healthy Foods - Apply different NLP anchoring techniques and submodality shifts to associating pleasure and health with nutritious foods.

9. Get Permission for Weight Loss - Many people have had the experience of making great progress with weight loss and then it suddenly backfires. This is when self-sabotage rears its ugly head resulting in illnesses, injuries and relapses just when we started to make noticeable headway. This program focuses upon creating congruence between the 11 major systems of the body and their corresponding organs so that there is systemic support of your weight loss process.

10. Unlock Your Unconscious Mind's Energy - Our individual energy levels are closely intertwined with our sense of motivation and emotional state. It is scientifically proven that by simply changing your physiology you can change your perceived energy level. This is how an athlete rallies for a victory at the last moment when s/he should have been completely exhausted. We always have a little more to give. Learn how to harness this energy!

11. Train Yourself to Drink Plenty of Water - What? Really? A program about drinking water…? Yes, really. It is estimated that 3/4 of the US population is chronically dehydrated and nearly 40% confuse thirst with hunger. Water is going to help you flush toxins that will be released by the fat stores you will be burning, so if you've struggled with your water intake then you need to seriously integrate this program into your weight loss regimen. And, remember that not all water is the same...

12. Self-Acceptance Precedes Change - As you're reducing weight you're going to naturally encounter plateaus and setbacks. That is just life. Being able to accept who you are right now and strive toward greater results will give you peace and joy in the moment. This is your life, whatever you're doing and whoever you are, you might as well be enjoying the moment. This experience will help you to encounter and integrate your true self into the present moment and then use time distortion to move this into the future to connect with the possibilities you hadn't been aware of until this process reveals them.

13. Breaking Addictions with Timeline Imagery - Creating addiction is an admitted science today. There are addictions of every sort and while in the context of weight management, this program is open-ended enough to address any form of addictive behavior. If you want to experience the pinnacle of health, face your addictions and step into a place of power from which you can reach down and change them. It is a process of decision making strategies and perceptual changes that will be integrated into your life with practice. Some people will experience tremendous first-time results but for the most part this practice will help you to control your behavior while in the presence of that old addictive element, and this is a sign of true personal power.

14. End Emotional Eating - Feeling empty physically and feeling empty emotionally are two unrelated sensations that tend to become collapsed together because both are mostly experienced in the stomach region. Understand how to distinguish physical hunger from emotional emptiness and create your success strategy for managing both of them separately.

15. Unleash Your Inner Hunger Destroyer - Now that you've learned to distinguish physical hunger from emotional emptiness, you might find it beneficial to create more resources to deal with hunger when it does arise. This program creates additional advanced strategies to be used in conjunction with what was experienced in End Emotional Eating.

16. Detoxify and Recover from Weight Loss - On both a physical and an emotional level, you're going to be stirring things up. I feel that too much emphasis is placed upon the active part of weight loss, when in reality I perceive the biggest changes are experienced from adequate recovery. Don't believe me? Do multiple, hour-long high intensity workouts every day for 1 week while sleeping 4-hours a night and then tally your results. In contrast, sleep for 10-hours a night, do intermittent fasting, stretch or yoga, and a cleanse for a week and tally your results. In the context of weight loss, my money is on the 10-hour a night sleep week and intermittent fasting… Weight loss is about "letting go…"

17. Beyond the Block to Weight Loss - I've had the experience, and so have many others whom I've coached for weight loss, of this indescribable, undefinable block that seemed to keep them stuck and overweight. When I did my personal work on that block, for me, it was fear of who I would become once I had mastered this area of my life (and, paradoxically, it was all positive, great stuff too that I had been fearing! Sometimes we fear that which we desire the most…). I don't know what your block might be, but this program will help you to confront the block and address it from various different angles.

18. Parts Integration for Health - Sometimes one part of us wants to be healthy while another parts likes to party, be lazy and eat whatever we want. Often our linguistic patterns represent what is happening on an unconscious level with phrases like "on one hand I want to lose weight, but on the other hand I love to eat…" Conflicting parts seem to have different values: one part values being healthy and the other part loves eating. But when you "chunk" these values up, both might share 'feeling good' as a result of each behavior, and at this level you can create congruence that could reveal itself as "i love eating food that helps me lose weight and feel good!" It sounds simple in this format, but remember your parts conflict is unconscious until it is revealed within a specific context of a behavior or decision. This program will help you to resolve parts conflict within the category of health and even the greater scope of your life.

19. Healthy Self-Talk for Weight Management - Bottom line: you are your own best hypnotist. Change your self-talk and you change your life. There is a tremendous amount of importance placed not just on what is said, but how it is said, how it is heard, and the meaning(s) associated to that information. This program will guide you through identifying and changing your auditory submodalities within the context of weight loss and healthy living.

20. Staying Motivated with Weight Management - Many people have the experience of making decent progress and then totally falling off the wagon. Chaos and uncertainty are the two seeming constants in life. How you manage to recover from the unexpected depends upon your motivation strategy, the locus of control, and what outcome(s) your efforts are connected to… Define and establish this strategy and you'll be in control of the only factors you can control - your mindset, emotions and behaviors.

21. Harness Your Breath for Life - Many of us are oxygen depleted because we have been conditioned into becoming shallow chest-breathers. In addition to purifying your blood, how you breath affects your heart coherence, your physiological state, mood, emotional state, and autonomic nervous system. Deep full breathing is associated with parasympathetic response (rest and digest); shallow fast breathing is associated with sympathetic response (fight or flight). Many people live in perpetual fight or flight which causes elevated cortisol levels, which in turn increases blood pressure, blood sugar and suppresses the immune system. Losing weight in this state is nearly impossible because your body is preparing you for starvation while being chased by wolves in the wild… It's old, instinctual programming for survival mode. Learn to change how you breath and you change your experience of health…

22. Cutting Weight with Intermittent Fasting - Strategically spacing out your eating schedule is scientifically proven to reduce insulin levels, increase fat burning potential and increase natural growth hormone production (see Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pillon). It is most effective with a 20-24 hour fast, which means you're still eating every day. When I do it, I skip dinner one day and fast until dinner the next day. It really feels great especially when combined with Bulletproof Coffee! The science all makes sense but this audio program helps you get into a mindset that makes it much easier mentally and emotionally to focus on the reasons why you're doing this to reduce your weight and to harness your subtle body sensations in a powerful manner that keep you on track.

Only you are in control of your weight. It is wishful thinking to expect someone else to take control of your mind and compel to do something [against your will], which is what some people who look to hypnosis for weight loss unfortunately anticipate. They are only powerless because they have been lacking the resources (the knowledge and techniques) to change themselves. By learning how to communicate with your unconscious mind, you'll be able to change your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors and remove barriers that had been blocking you from having the body you desire. With the Involution Weight Management system, you will be able to apply powerful NLP techniques to weight loss and motivation, use altered states of consciousness (hypnosis) to resolve limiting belief patterns and experiences, and apply enhanced visual imagery to weight loss objectives. You are free to transform your body. Trust the process…

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