Hello, this is Michael J. Emery - creator of the Attention Shifting Personal Development programs. Each program has a unique process, feel, and approach designed to empower you.
I'd like to point out that there are many misconceptions about "hypnosis"... When you find yourself listening to my programs you will rarely hear the traditional hypnotic inductions used in what is referred to as direct hypnosis. I personally feel that there is no need to blatantly tell you to do anything because I'm not here to change your life for you - this is your responsibility. I can only provide a context and a process for you to resolve challenges and direct your life toward what is important to you.
For some, a misunderstanding about hypnosis is what appeals to someone who desperately wants to change a situation. For such a person, there is that deep inner hope that no personal responsibility will be required, no conscious effort necessary, and s/he can undergo a hypnotic trance, fade out of conscious awareness, and regain awareness a "different" person...
Not quite... if anything you will experience heightened awareness of internal imagery, bodily sensations, and the ability to change the way you used to respond to old situations through the application of symbology, language patterns, time distortion, submodalities, and physiological shifts creating an experience that can be later refined and applied in the "real world". I can only create a context for you to resolve a challenge and empower you to move toward what you want to experience.
If you think about it, communication with another person is an external and internal process; an ebb and flow as the listener goes inside to create meaning from the words being understood and filtered through one's paradigm. The best communicators are the ones who paint vivid mental images, evoke moving emotions, and inspire people to action - when done in a beneficial, empowering manner - lives are transformed over time for the better. Through this person's words, time becomes flexible, possibilities emerge, and one finds that you already hold within you all the resources you need for any circumstance - it is only a matter of accessing these resources at the right time. When there is a challenge in our own lives, usually there is an incongruence between our experiences, beliefs and perception of possibilities, and the outcome we desire to experience.
I encourage you to begin perceiving problems/challenges with curiosity and the belief that the solution you seek is only unknown... for now. After all, many things in your life have been temporarily unknown in the past: learning how to walk, learning to speak, learning to read, swimming, riding a bicycle... and the list goes on indefinitely doesn't it? This just means that living is learning, and you can't help but learn. Now, this is just a way to learn differently; an inductive approach to learning about yourself, creating clarity about what exactly needs to be different in the context of this program, and a systematic way to take action today. Remember, you are your own best "hypnotist"... Be amazing!
Michael J. Emery, owner of Attention Shifting, LLC, received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising Management from Portland State University and a Master of Arts from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Michael is certified as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer. From Michael's perspective the underlying reason for proactive Personal Development is to move beyond limiting fears or beliefs and empower you to champion a cause and achieve extraordinary results during your lifetime.