Program Disclaimer

The Attention Shifting personal development programs are not intended to diagnose or cure any mental or physical disorders, and Michael J. Emery is not a licensed medical doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If you have concerns about your mental well being and the use of these programs then consult the appropriate medical professional. Additionally, do not use these programs while operating heavy machinery. If you have questions, email me at michael@attentionshifting.com.


You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase my programs. PayPal processes credit cards and I use PayPal because it allows me to instantly and automatically send you the download link for your purchase the moment your payment clears. Once you reach the PayPal checkout page you will see the option to log in with your PayPal account, or pay with a credit/debit card.

Where is My Order Download Link???

The very first place to check is your junk folder in your email. In most cases "lost" orders end up here because the order was inaccurately associated with spam mail. If you still have not received your download link(s), then just shoot me an email and we'll sort things out ASAP.

My Download Link Expired

The download links are valid for a certain number of attempted downloads. If this number is exceeded then the link will expire. Because the file sizes are somewhat large, some Internet service providers might time out before the download completes. If this happens, then restart the download link. If your link expires just reply to your order confirmation email and the link will be resent.

Return / Refund Policy

Because of piracy and leeching of digital products, no refunds are available for the products on this store. As you may have experienced, my business model is based upon gaining your trust and creating rapport. I sincerely want you to succeed - as you define success. I offer a lot of content for free, a variety of content for a very, very minimal price, and my most recent content for a very reasonable price. If you don't appreciate my free or inexpensive work, then my more expensive products probably are not for you. If you've never used my personal development programs, I encourage you to begin with my free downloads and then invest in one or a few of my programs and go from there. All programs have been tested to work across operating systems and media players. In the case of videos, there are recommended players that will work more reliably than other players.

iPhone / iPad / Android 

The mp3s are very large and are contained in a .zip file to prevent streaming making it possible to save the files on your computer. You may have viewed this site on an iPhone / iPad / Android but until you install a reliable zip extraction app like Downloads HD for iPhone or UnZip for Android, you won't be able to open this file type. Also, it is best to download these files while on a WIFI network as they are very large in size and may time out on your carrier's network. Here's a tutorial video on how to download an mp3 to your iPhone / iPad.
View the mp3 download tutorial here.

Benefited But Haven't Paid?

Sometimes people gift programs to their friends... And yes, a lot of my work has been fileshared / torrented / pirated around the world and that's a compliment, but this isn't just about that scenario. From time to time a few people want to say thank you and send me some money for my work for their own personal reasons. Or, sometimes people can't believe they paid so little for a life-changing experience and want to help me help more people. If you've benefited from my programs and want to say thank you - do so with a no questions asked donation. Your support helps me spend more of my time focused upon creating new content.