How to Study

how to studyThe A Plus Student 2.0 series addresses a major problem for students: learning how to study effectively. Many people experience going to school, learning about certain topics in the classroom and then being expected to automatically know how to study when it is time to do homework. In the field of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), this trend is effectively described as generalizing, distorting and deleting, and this is what occurs when it is assumed that a student already understands how to study. At first, for students, the process of studying is generalized and the assumption is that every student learns to study in the exact same manner. Secondly, distortion occurs when the assumption is that studying for every topic will use the same format. And, lastly, deletion occurs when it is assumed that every student shares the same study environment and support structure. Ultimately, it is not the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that a student studies; only to facilitate an inspirational learning environment within the classroom. Beyond this, as addressed in the A Plus Student 2.0 series, creating powerful study habits, overcoming test anxiety, and creating empowering time management strategies are the responsibility of the student.

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