Mental Sports Training Techniques

Mental Sports Training TechniquesAdvanced Sports Imagery for Athletes is an NLP and hypnosis based sports psychology training program. This two album series teaches the most powerful mental sports training techniques that will empower every athlete and coach to peak levels of performance. At every level of competition, the major difference between excellent athletes and average athletes is the internal, mental game. By using effective, proven mental sports training techniques athletes in any sport can learn how to effectively control their emotions and manage their mindsets. This makes it much easier for athletes to experience the state of being that is often referred to as “being in the flow” – these flow states are simply the result of getting out of sympathetic (fight or flight) response and into an optimal state for competition; typically one that is denoted by alpha brainwave frequencies. Using the mental sports training techniques as outlined in the Advanced Sports Imagery for Athletes series, you will learn how to apply the most effective techniques from the fields of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnosis, visualization, and guided imagery. Advanced Sports Imagery will take your game to the next level. Improve the way you compete in just a few hours.

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