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Michael J. Emery - NLP and Hypnosis Personal Development Coaching

There are several ways that I can help you with your personal development.

FREE AUDIO PROGRAMS - The quickest way for you to experience my style of coaching and the techniques I use is to download my free NLP (mp3) audio program and my free hypnosis download (mp3) Intro to NLP and Experience Trance. The majority of the tools I use with my coaching clients are based upon NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis models. The two audio programs are designed to share an overview of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, and are not designed to address any specific challenge. Many people are unaware of the ways that they process and store information and experiences, and because of this have little control over their emotions, thoughts, actions, and attitudes. The two free audio programs (mp3s in a zipped folder) can be downloaded by joining my mailing list. Use a headset!

ATTENTION SHIFTING AUDIO PROGRAMS - I currently have an inexpensive series of other audio programs. In this first series, referred to as Attention Shifting 1.0, I address social anxiety, procrastination, stress, insomnia, cancer, life purpose, expressiveness, wealth, anger, depression, self-acceptance, confidence, and how to establish a powerful learning strategy. The Attention Shifting 2.0 and 3.0 series focus upon creating powerful strategies for beginning your day and ending your day, forgiveness, changing limiting beliefs, guided imagery for athletes, and much more. The audio programs range between 20 and 50 minutes and are available on my store for immediate download. Try the Attention Shifting Store or commercial stores such as, or your favorite online mp3 store, too.

THE COACHING GYM - The Coaching Gym is an innovative approach to personal development coaching because of several factors: worldwide access, coaching precision, and focus completely upon NLP synesthesias - the unconscious reactions to specific situations (Pavlovian conditioned response). The Coaching Gym uses Skype video-conferencing technology for live conversations anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. My Coaching Gym is based upon research that shows people have conditioned responses for specific situations - and that these responses become generalized and associated with other experiences that are perceived as similar. By changing the default reactions to planned, by-design responses you become empowered in a specific situation to control your actions, emotions, and mindset in order to create your desired outcome. Hence, the Coaching Gym - just like attending the gym to see physical results only you can do the exercises. You will be expected to work and you will notice the results!

In my opinion, coaching and teaching are about creating new neural pathways as shared in this video by my friend Dr. Robert Ciprian:


Effective coaching is about breaking down a person's unique behavioral strategy into its parts, identifying the limiting components, and replacing those with empowering feelings, internal imagery, associations, and self-talk. As the expression goes, we don't know what we don't know so often it is helpful to have someone else identify what is happening. Learn more about strategies and NLP synesthesias in this video:


For inquiries about coaching sessions, either email or call me. Or, if you're ready to jump in and go for it then go ahead and purchase a session and I will contact you within 72 hours with my available times. If you use, then check out my Personal Development, NLP and Hypnosis Coaching service on Thumbtack.

Personal Development, NLP and Hypnosis Coaching


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