NLP Visualization Techniques

nlp visualization techniquesLearning how to visualize is one of the most elusive processes a person can experience if they do not have a guide such as the How to Visualize series which teaches powerful NLPvisualization techniques to the listener. Even though within the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) map of reality there are other modalities such as auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory and olfactory, the visual modality is one of the most powerful because it can be so content rich and possibly holds the submodalities that can be changed the easiest. The quality of our internal imagery – the mental pictures and mental movies – that are shown in our minds’ eyes are representative of our values, hopes, fears, and what we anticipate and desire. When we change our internal imagery, our lives change in response. The How to Visualize series includes NLP visualization techniques addressing time and space imagery, self-awareness and using the visual modality as a lead system to tie into other senses, and understanding the visual submodalities of perception. There is nothing like these applied NLPvisualization techniques and the How to Visualize series is a must have for every NLP practitioner, artist, creative type, and entrepreneur.

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