Attention Shifting Audio Program Bundle

$299.99 $405.00

This audio program compilation includes over 850 minutes (14 hours) of self-hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, and NLP based personal development programs. 

Attention Shifting 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are included in this compilation.

Once someone tries one or two of the programs, they're usually blown away and want to try them all!

$405.00 Value... for $299.99

The 1.2 gigabyte bundle includes: 

Dynamic Determination, Pure Focus, Creative Space, Compelling Clarity, From Depression to Hope, End Your Day Perfectly, Start Your Day Right, The Call, Applying Anger, Just Your Luck - Beginning to Change, Reclaim Your Life, Attracting Wealth, Expressive Personality, Transpersonal Meditation, A+ Student, Release Stress, Complete Confidence, Healing the Inner Child, Full Forgiveness, Sheer Resolve, Deep Sleep, Advanced Sports Imagery, Re-imprinting Yourself, and Put Off Procrastination

* 27 programs includes audios that have multiple parts. 

Change begins today!

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