Harness Your Breath for Life


Harness Your Breath for Life


Many of us are oxygen depleted because we have been conditioned into becoming shallow chest-breathers. In addition to purifying your blood, how you breath affects your heart coherence, your physiological state, mood, emotional state, and autonomic nervous system. Deep full breathing is associated with parasympathetic response (rest and digest); shallow fast breathing is associated with sympathetic response (fight or flight). Many people live in perpetual fight or flight which causes elevated cortisol levels, which in turn increases blood pressure, blood sugar and suppresses the immune system. Losing weight in this state is nearly impossible because your body is preparing you for starvation while being chased by wolves in the wild… It's old, instinctual programming for survival mode. Learn to change how you breath and you change your experience of health…


Harness Your Breath for Life is a guided imagery program designed to empower you to manage your physiology by guiding you through specific breathing techniques.


Additional referenced content is accessible in the free app at www.involutionweightmanagement.com

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