Healing the Inner Child - NLP mp3 and Hypnosis mp3 Audio Program



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What if you were able to relive your childhood?

Or, any time in your past.

It might sound silly or strange at first, but just think about it for a second...

What immediately comes to mind as a past experience or situation that you would change?

What things would you choose to experience based upon what you know today because you knew they would have life-changing, beneficial advantages?

So many people despondently wish that their childhood was different - that their parents were different, the environment was better, other people treated them differently, or that they had more resources like food, money, or social status. What is often overlooked is the process that all of your past experiences share: they formed your beliefs about what is or is not possible for you today. Even at an unconscious level, you are reacting to your environment based upon the patterns that were likely formed during your earliest years.

Over time, those patterns became so solidified that they are the unconscious rules guiding your behavior, your personality, and your actions. If you want to have a different future than what you have experienced so far in life - begin by identifying the beliefs that shaped you in your most formative years. The world is waiting for your greatness, so there is no valid reason or excuse to not hurry up and become an amazing person who contributes beneficially to this world! We need you!

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