NLP Parts Integration for Health


NLP Parts Integration for Health


Sometimes one part of us wants to be healthy while another parts likes to party, be lazy and eat whatever we want. Often our linguistic patterns represent what is happening on an unconscious level with phrases like "on one hand I want to lose weight, but on the other hand I love to eat…" Conflicting parts seem to have different values: one part values being healthy and the other part loves eating. But when you "chunk" these values up, both might share 'feeling good' as a result of each behavior, and at this level you can create congruence that could reveal itself as "i love eating food that helps me lose weight and feel good!" It sounds simple in this format, but remember your parts conflict is unconscious until it is revealed within a specific context of a behavior or decision. This program will help you to resolve parts conflict within the category of health and even the greater scope of your life.


NLP Parts Integration for Health is an NLP mp3 focusing upon parts congruence within the context of health. This NLP download address health values hierarchy.


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